She's super fun and brought out my light and fun side. I enjoyed work with Laura Jaye. And my pictures are phenomenal. 😁

- Winter, Actress


Laura- can I say here publicly that you are one of the top photographers that I have ever worked with!!! Dang girl you know how to bring out inner beauty to be captured on the film. And have an eye for special moments.
Oh, and you made me feel free to be me.
I think I laughed and cried, twirled and then motionless, moments of thoughtfulness, and moments to through caution to the wind.
Thank you!!

- Lisa Jo 


Laura was helpful, kind, and professional from start to finish. My wedding was a two-day event with an outdoor ceremony and a huge dance ball reception with live music. But she moved seamlessly from location to location, always with an artist's eye for unique shots. She was friendly to and worked well with my guests and the other vendors. Her pictures were (are) beautaiful and captured so many perfect moments. I also appreciate how willing she was to help me choose shots and settings for the wedding albums. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with an event they want to fondly remember.

- Melinda Kimberly Layden, Writer


I wanted a photo of me that conveyed vibrant aliveness. As Laura conducted the photoshoot, she was radiating with vibrant aliveness, which pulled it out of me. She captured perhaps the best shot of me ever taken. Yes, it's important to have photographic skills, and her skills are top quality, but in addition to that, a photographer has got to have really good energy. And Laura has that! You'll be delighted with the results when you work with her.

- Richard Shane, Ph.D.


Laura has the innovative talent, training and experience to capture your most intimate experience and present them for the public in photographs that take the viewer on a journey, every time. Highly professional, with incredible eye to see the unsee-able and make it yours forever. Have hired her two times and love her work ethic, expertise and sense of humor. 

- Cathie Quigley-Soderman, Screenwriter, Director, and Producer at Warrior Artist Productions, LLC


It takes a special photographer to get a picture worth a thousand words. It has to tell the story in that one frame better than any article or additional submission could. With each frame, Laura Jaye embodies a story that is uplifting and interesting and composed in a unique and clever way. Her work is always beautiful to behold, and it lingers in the memory. 

- Jonathan Fisher, Writer


I had such an amazing time working with Laura, the professional style and approach she provides is really helpful and skillful in really assisting you to bring out the best in you. She was so great and easy to work, I look forward to working with her again.

- Philip Garo Dorian, Healer and Intuitive


After having been laid off and beginning a new career search, I wanted professional pictures for my online work profile. Laura connected with me on such a heartfelt level about the type of work I wanted to do and the intent of my pictures. I never really thought of photography with intent before. Laura has a joyful, vibrant energy, and wisdom. It was a morning shoot and I'm not a morning person. I shared something with her about feeling kind of blah, kind of tired, and also that I’m not a very photogenic person. Laura had me do a few silly poses to loosen up, she had me laughing and relaxed in no time.

As she shot the pictures she began to ask me about the kind of work I wanted to do and told me to think about the specific job I wanted, to think about myself living my life as if I had already had it. But not just about working, but also about living with joy and purpose and bringing that all together. I loved the results, the pictures are beautiful. And you know what? I did get that job I was thinking about during those pictures and my life is pretty great too! Not saying she’s magic or anything, but maybe... she sure has got something special in that mind and heart of hers.

- Rosalie Avila, Colorado Tax Examiner