Profile Videos for Therapists, Healers, and Small Business Owners

Virtual Sessions Now Available!

For any kind of therapist working with clients, resonance is key. Finding the right fit for therapeutic support sets the stage for trust, healing, and progress.

Incorporating a profile video for your website and/or professional profile is a great way for your clients to get a sense of who you are, how you speak, what you offer and most importantly… To find out if they resonate with you.

This is a time-saver for both you and your prospective clients. It can help people say “Yes” to working with you, with confidence.

Professional Profile Videos 

In the online world, it’s very difficult to get a sense of your are through text and images alone.

A professional video of you talking to your clients and relaying important information about what you offer and how you can help them
does make a huge difference.

For therapists and healers this is especially useful because it can help people get a sense of your nature or 'energy' and invite them to take that first step towards booking a session with confidence. 

You can get more clients

I have worked with hundreds of people to create professional business and dating videos. This service is now available virtually. Yes - that is correct. We can accomplish these sessions remotely.

What's included?  

*Virtual setting for your video shoot

*Suggestions for writing out important points and communicating your message to your clients:
- Client centered language tips and fine tuning your message


*Coaching during the shoot to help you relax and say what you need to say:
- Simplified process to take away feelings of overwhelm
- Feedback and suggestions to help you communicate your best
- Encouragement in a supportive environment


*Video editing with your name, credentials, and transitions

*Final digital video file for use on social media and on websites


Professional headshot and portrait photography by Laura Jaye Denver, Colorado. Professional headshot and portrait photography by Laura Jaye Denver, Colorado.

Overcome the Fear of creating a Profile Video

It's okay to be nervous!


* Nerousness shows that you are human. I haven't met anyone who doesn't have a little bit of fear to put themselves out there. This is why I offer a safe environment that supports you in your process. 

We can do this!


Do you need headshots as well?

Also available: remote headshots. Yes, this is completely possible. I recommend this only for users who have newer phones because the quality of the camera does make a difference. I also offer In-Person profile videos and headshots for folks living in Denver, Boulder County, and Adam's County.

This is what others have to say: 

"Laura- can I say here publicly that you are one of the top photographers that I have ever worked with!!! Dang girl you know how to bring out inner beauty to be captured on the film. And have an eye for special moments.
Oh, and you made me feel free to be me.
I think I laughed and cried, twirled and then motionless, moments of thoughtfulness, and moments to through caution to the wind.
Thank you!!"

- Lisa Jo Reinicke, Award-winning Author 

"I had some deep-rooted insecurities about being photographed. Laura was able to understand this, help to ease my discomfort, and really captured some amazing photos for my business. I highly recommend! She is a delight to work with."

- Kevin Petersen LMFT, Founder of the Chronic Hope Institute

“Laura is an amazing photographer that brings out one’s best character and personality in the form of a photo. She is very passionate and talented and it was a pleasure to meet and have a session with her. Highly recommend!” 

- Eric, Product Manager


Booking and Payment Information 

To schedule a free consultation and/or book a session, please contact me directly.

A deposit will be required to book your photo session.

The remaining amount is due on the day of your session.
A refund of your deposit is available if you cancel a minimum of 48 hours before your scheduled shoot.



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