Denver Headshot and Portrait Photography by Laura Jaye

Do You Need a Fantastic Portrait That Shows off Your Brilliant Self?

This is what a great photo session can and should do for you:

*Build Your Self Esteem

*Bring out Your Greatest Potential

*Create New Job Possibilities

*Help Others See You in a New Light


Professional headshot and portrait photography by Laura Jaye Denver, Colorado. Professional headshot and portrait photography by Laura Jaye Denver, Colorado.

Overcome the Fear of Having Your Portrait Taken

 99% of the time, individuals who step in front of my camera are afraid to be photographed? 


* Society has shaped our beliefs on what is attractive and how we ‘should’ look. So...

 We put ourselves down if we don't meet those crazy, crazy, (did I mention crazy?) expectations.

* We say things like, "I hate having my picture taken." or "I am not photogenic."
Can you relate? 

NEWSFLASH: It's not you. 


How do I know?

Because without fail, every single person I have photographed who has said this, had a different experience with me. Everyone has amazing qualities to share with the world - it's my job to capture it. 

You just need to be you. It's that simple and potentially even... Fun! <<Gasp!!>>


What can you use these portraits for?

* Dating Portraits * 

Show your potential matches different and amazing facets of yourself! Great photos will go a long way with online dating to help you to find a great partner. It shows you take yourself and dating seriously. Plus, you may see something in yourself you have never seen before! 

* Business and Professional Headshots *

For those of you who are professionals and need multiple images to spread across different internet sites, I can help you create different portraits for different needs. 
(i.e. casual and friendly, powerhouse speaker, author, etc.)


This is what others have to say: 

"Laura- can I say here publicly that you are one of the top photographers that I have ever worked with!!! Dang girl you know how to bring out inner beauty to be captured on the film. And have an eye for special moments.
Oh, and you made me feel free to be me.
I think I laughed and cried, twirled and then motionless, moments of thoughtfulness, and moments to through caution to the wind.
Thank you!!"

- Lisa Jo Reinicke, Award-winning Author 

"I had some deep-rooted insecurities about being photographed. Laura was able to understand this, help to ease my discomfort, and really captured some amazing photos for my business. I highly recommend! She is a delight to work with."

- Kevin Petersen LMFT, Founder of the Chronic Hope Institute

“Laura is an amazing photographer that brings out one’s best character and personality in the form of a photo. She is very passionate and talented and it was a pleasure to meet and have a session with her. Highly recommend!” 

- Eric, Product Manager


Booking and Payment Information 

To schedule a free consultation and/or book a session, please contact me directly.

A deposit will be required to book your photo session.

The remaining amount is due on the day of your session.
A refund of your deposit is available if you cancel a minimum of 48 hours before your scheduled shoot.



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