Profile Videos for Therapists, Healers, and Small Business Owners

Virtual Sessions Now Available!

In the online world, it’s very difficult to get a sense of your are through text and images alone. A professional video of you talking to your clients and relaying important information about what you offer and how you can help them makes a huge difference. 

For healing professionals, a Profile Video is especially useful because it can help people get a sense of your nature or 'energy' and invite them to take that first step towards booking a session with confidence. As many therapists know, having the right 'fit' is key for a successful therapeutic relationship.

For entrepreneurs, Profile Videos can be a way to share important messages about your product or service and why you are offering it, and inspire the support of your customers.

I have worked with hundreds of people to create professional business and dating videos.
This service is now available in-person and virtually.

Yes - that is correct. We can even accomplish these sessions remotely.

What does a profile video look like? 

Here is an example of an amazing individual who told me they would rather have a root canal than do the video shoot. She did great! Note: we did a separate photo shoot for her headshot. 

Professional headshot and portrait photography by Laura Jaye Denver, Colorado.

Susan's Testimonial: 

Laura is an amazing videographer who took me from start to finish on a project I was resisting and flat-out hated. I told her I would rather have a root canal than be video recorded for my business. 

Laura helped me with my script and honed my message to be compact and relevant. She chose a location in my home that would be the best background for my profile. Then, she made it an easy process to record the video. She kept encouraging me such that I felt free to deviate from the script and was able to speak from my heart. 

Laura edited and produced a final product that I believe captures the essence of who I am and the healing services I offer. She was so comforting, encouraging, and fun to work with that I ended up surrendering to any resistance and completed the recording in a short period of time and in good spirits. I can’t recommend Laura highly enough.

Coaching + Profile Video Package

What's included?  

*Virtual setting for your video shoot.
Note: In-person shoots are available in the Boulder/Denver area.


*Suggestions for writing out important points and communicating your message to your clients:
- Client-centered language tips and fine-tuning your message


*Coaching during the shoot to help you relax and say what you need to say:
- Simplified process to take away feelings of overwhelm
- Feedback and suggestions to help you communicate your best
- Encouragement in a supportive environment


*Video editing with your name, credentials, and transitions

*Final digital video file for use on social media and on websites
(Note: Psychology Today will allow you to use a video on your profile)

The cost is $350 for the entire package. 

Overcome the Fear of creating a Profile Video

You can do it too!
It's okay to be nervous!


Nervousness shows that you are human. I haven't met anyone who doesn't have a little bit of fear to put themselves out there. This is why I offer a safe environment that supports you in your process. And I have been told by many that it was actually fun <gasp> and encouraging <yay>!

We got this!

To schedule a free consultation and book a session please contact me directly.
I look forward to meeting you!

A note about finances: 

- A deposit* of $200 will be required to book your video session and this will cover the cost of consulting. Payments are accepted through Zelle and Venmo. 

- The remaining amount is due on the day of your session.

- I can also provide invoices if you need to record this investment for tax purposes.

- *Refunds on deposits are not available once coaching has commenced.

Contact Laura for a Free Consultation

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Do you need headshots as well?

Also available: Remote headshots. Yes, this is completely possible. I recommend this only for users who have newer phones because the quality of the camera does make a difference. 

I also offer In-Person profile videos and headshots for folks living in Denver, Boulder County, and Adam's County. 

Read more about what great headshots can do for you.