Top Two Things You Need to Sell Your Products Online

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NEWS! Successful Online Sales of Products Requires More Than Photos

Laura Jaye Product and Lifestyle PhotographyLaura Jaye Product and Lifestyle Photography

So... What DO you need?

#1 Good Product Photography (of course). Let's break that down. 

Good Product Photography answers your customers' questions about the product without having to read anything. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current images: 

  • Does it clearly show what the product is? I.e. front, back, bottom, side, and internal views 
  • Do your photos show what accessories or items are included? Essentially... What's in the box?
  • Do your photos show any other special details that make your item unique? 

Good product photography also generates a 'feel' for your brand.

  • Is it consistent?
  • Is there a corresponding color scheme?
  • Does it look professional? 
  • If your product is good quality... Does the photography match? 

Note: If the "feel" of your brand and the type of product is something your customer likes - they will probably follow, buy and want more. 

#2 SEO + SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

SEO is "Search Engine Optimization".

<<blank stare>>

Yeah, I can help with this. What is that? In a nutshell, this is how your products get found in Google and other search engines. Proper SEO protocols are important to have in place with any online store. ​​​​​​

Think about it like going to the grocery store. There are many, many products in the back right? What if the products were delivered to receiving, but they weren't catalogs, entered into the system, and put out on the shelves? They would just sit there, right? UNSOLD.

This, my friends, is what happens when you put a site online and don't tell Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines that your products are there. Of course, you can always invite people to the back to through the stuff, right? But wouldn't it be easier just to tell Google, "Hey! I'm here and this is what I have!" 

Special note on this one - using these methods is NOT going to guarantee instant success. But having these and other tools in place IS going to greatly enhance your likelihood of success and more so than NOT using them at all. 

Here are some quick tips for what you can do to make your site SEO friendly: 

  • Add keywords to your page titles, product titles, and descriptions. Keywords are terms that people would search for to find the product you are selling. Example: Country Rustic Kitchen Organizers 
  • Create custom filenames for images that you upload. Ex: My-business-category-product-name.jpg. This way - when the original file appears in Google -> Images, the filename will still lead them back to you. 
  • Add meta-descriptions to your pages. These are short descriptions telling visitors what is on the page. They appear under the link that shows up in Search Engines. 
  • Submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Send them a map of your site, they will crawl through your site and make it accessible through their Search Engine.

The long and the short - Why are these important for E-Commerce Sales? 

Because without these, your customers may flee the scene and: 

  • Miss out on seeing your site if they are not already on your mailing list or aware of what you sell. #anotherlostcustomer
  • Not have a "wow" moment and want to stay on your site much less buy
  • Have too many questions about your product to take the time to email you.

Let's face it. Life is fast, decisions are fast.

If your site, product images, and descriptions don't answer their questions - your potential customer may not take the time to find out more. 

And what does this mean?

You just lost a sale. 
(Sad trombone)

The beauty of selling stuff online is that instant purchase.
If people trust your business, understand your product, like what you are selling, and the price is right- they are more likely to buy it! 

$ Cha Ching! $

Say bye-bye to abandoned carts and HELLO to sweet, sweet victory.



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